– Your Clients’ Privacy

– Your Clients’ Privacy

Protecting your client’s privacy & your career with important security steps.


Secure Email

When we need to send sensitive information to you or one of our carriers we will encrypt the outbound email to protect you and your client’s privacy. Our new Secure email platform allows us to securely send and encrypt emails to you and the carriers without requiring the added difficultly of a username and password. When you reply to our message that email will be encrypted as well.

Secure Document Submission

We have established a Secure Document Submission process for you to upload insurance applications and any other documents containing sensitive health, personal or financial information relating to your client’s circumstances.  With our new platform you now have the ability to send the information directly to the Thompson Agency team member that you want. You may access the secure document submission links here ». Complete the form, attach your files and send. We will be immediately notified by email and will download your documents for processing.


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