– Aortic Stenosis

Characteristics Aortic stenosis is a commonly seen condition in which the aortic valve has a smaller opening than usual. The left ventricle pumps blood through the aortic valve in order to deliver freshly oxygenated blood to the aorta for distribution throughout the body. Major causes of aortic stenosis are rheumatic heart disease, being born with … Read more– Aortic Stenosis

– Final Expense & Guaranteed Issue Options

Final Expense Life Insurance

For the Really Tough Cases… When your client’s health history is such that fully underwritten offers are unacceptable, too expensive, postponed or declined it’s worth reviewing the Final Expense and Guaranteed Issue options. Visit our “Final Expense & Guaranteed Issue Options” page to consider the possibilities. Then give us a call to talk it through … Read more– Final Expense & Guaranteed Issue Options